Frans and Gerd Kemkens, from Megen in Holland, completed the challenge on 12th September when they each caught a salmon, shot a stag and shot a brace of grouse in the space of 24 hours, making them eligible to enter this year?s competition and apply for membership of the prestigious Field Macnab Club.

If their entry meets the judging criteria, the pair claim that they will become the first Dutchmen ? and first father and son – to achieve the Macnab, which is awarded to hunting enthusiasts who complete the challenge.

(L-R) Stewart McIntosh (Gamekeeper), Gerd Kemkens, Roddy McIntosh (Gamekeeper).

Gerd Kemkens said: ?We?ve been coming to Scotland for hunting twice a year for the last ten years and have got to know Scone Estates Gamekeeper Roddy McIntosh very well during that time. This year we came with the express goal of achieving the Macnab, and to do it at our first try is absolutely thrilling.”

?Scone Estates was an obvious choice for us as it is one of very few estates in Scotland where the Macnab can actually be done.”

?Preparations for the challenge took about six months and then once we were actually in Perthshire we spent another three days researching the beats and speaking to the ghillies about what we wanted to do.”

“Although we?re experienced hunters, without the gamekeepers and ghillies we?re nothing, as they?re the ones who really know their own territory and can provide the best information on where we?re likely to find our quarry.”

“At the end of the day, however, Macnabbers need luck as well as skill, experience and knowledge, and luck was certainly with us that day!?

Gamekeeper, Roddy McIntosh, added: ?It was a heart stopping chase but we got there in the end. The Macnab is extremely rare and I?ve personally only ever witnessed three. I?m therefore delighted that Scone Estates has been able to provide the venue for such a fantastic achievement, which I hope will now be recognised by the competition judges?.

Scone Estates offers some of the finest sporting locations in Scotland across its 28,000 acres, including stag and grouse shooting in the Logiealmond Hills and salmon and trout fishing on the world famous River Tay.

Plans are underway to develop the fishing beats at Scone to attract visiting anglers from across the world, with the planned opening of a brand new fishing lodge at the renowned Fishponds beat for the opening of the new season in January 2013.