Are you a keen shooter, fly fisherman or young gundog trainer? Ever wondered just how good you really are?

Here's your opportunity to match yourself against the best. There are plenty of competitions and events taking place where you can put your expertise to the test against others, and win competitions and trophies. We've put together this selection of events, open to both children and adults.

  1. Beat the finest game shots of our generation. On Friday morning Lord James Percy will shoot a specially designed grouse sequence, and Simon Ward will take on the all-new high tower, setting scores to beat. Afterwards the public (that’s you) will have the opportunity to try to equal or better their scores.  Visit the Fieldsports stand on Gunmakers’ Row to enter the Lord James Percy Grouse Challenge and Simon Ward High Pheasant Challenge – further information from John Field.
  2. Keen under 16’s can enter the Young Shots clayshooting competition to win a silver trophy, tweed jacket and Breeks from Cordings, a year’s subscription to The Field and £200 in cash. The competition is on the Shooting Line over the three days of the show and costs £15 to enter.
  3. Visit the Shooting Line to take part in a 40-bird competition which offers different types of simulated game or sporting targets. Daily prizes are awarded and the Platinum Overall High Gun Award runs over the three days of the show.
  4.  Fly-tying Challenge. You can update your fly-tying skills with advice and help  from experts in the fishing village and then enter various competitions to have your fly judged. Open to both children and older fishermen, with a special emphasis on youngsters.  Maybe this is your chance to create that elusive fly that’s going to outperform everything you’ve ever tied previously?
  5.  The International Junior Handler competition enables under 18’s to showcase the expertise of their dogs in a special arena and includes simulated retrieves of varying ability. The perfect opportunity for young gundog trainers to show off what they’ve been able to teach – the format of the trials is along the same lines of the Home International Gundog Team competition, so the standard is going to be high. Even if you don’t enter, this will certainly be one to watch.