The National Game Dealers Association (NGDA) is calling on shoots to maintain the reputation of the game industry by getting Local Authority approval to process game meat.

The NGDA’s Stephen Crouch explained that the association wants to work with local shoots to promote and produce game meat: “Anecdotal evidence suggests that many more shoots are buying plucking machines and supplying local pubs and restaurants with game, which is great news. However, the NGDA is appealing to shoots to use the proper channels to process their game and make sure they are approved by their Local Authority to put meat into the food chain. The NGDA’s message is simple: if you are going to process your own meat, make sure you do it properly.” Mr Crouch added that the NGDA wants to stamp out gamedealers who are not properly approved: “If there were a health scare due to badly processed meat, it could seriously damage the whole industry.”

The rest of this article appears in 16th July issue of Shooting Times.

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