Canada geese and ruddy duck have now been added to some Welsh licences, while herring gulls, lesser and great black-backed gulls and house sparrows have been removed from most.

A National Gamekeepers? Organisation (NGO) spokesman said: ?We welcome the addition of Canada geese to the licences for crop protection and wild bird conservation, though it seems odd that they cannot be culled for public health reasons.

?However, the removal of herring gulls and great black-backed gulls is absurd and follows similar muddled thinking in England last year. We had urged the Welsh Assembly to have more sense, as these gulls were in no way threatened by existing levels of culling, but it seems they chose to ignore us.?

?Now, as in England, gamekeepers and others who want to control these gulls will have to apply for individual licences and be visited by officials. What a waste of people?s time and public money in a time of national hardship. The NGO will campaign to have this decision reversed in England and Wales.?

In Scotland, the lesser black-backed gull was removed from the licence for wild bird conservation.

There are no changes to species or methods for General Licences in England.

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