Digweed started the 200-target shoot strongly, but after the opening day found himself one clay behind Italian Marco Battisti, who posted a perfect score of 75/75.

He made the ground up on the second day, recording a perfect score himself to ensure that he and Battisti went into the final day on level pegging.

He again posted a perfect score on the final day, meaning he finished the tournament with an astonishing score of 199/200 and claimed the World Championship ahead of Battisti in second and Frenchman Christophe Auveret in third.

George has bettered that score only once – the World Record tally of 200/200 he made in France in 1997, and coming so close to repeating it left him proud.

“At the end of the day you?ve got to beat everybody there, but if you do it in a score where basically you can turn round and say ‘on that day, it was as near to perfection as I?m ever going to get’ that’s even better.?

“I wouldn’t have said 15 years ago in 1997 when I set the World Record of 200, that 15 years later I would be shooting a score that was only one off it, so that in itself is an achievement that I’m very proud of.”

George is now World Number One in both International Sporting disciplines simultaneously, a feat that has never been achieved before.

Despite his fantastic achievement, George isn?t resting on his laurels and is already weighing up next season. “We?re now looking forward to winter off from clay shooting and then we start again for next year for South Africa in February.

George Digweed is one of the most successful clay pigeon shooters in history.

During his long career, he has won 20 World titles (11 Sporting, 8 Fitasc and 1 Compak), 16 European Titles (12 Fitasc and 4 Compak), 4 European Compak Titles, and 10 World Cups.

He has also been honoured with an MBE from Buckingham Palace.