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Giant wild boar shot in Hereford

The huge beast measured 92 inches from nose to tail, 22 inches from top of shoulder to underside of belly and had eight-inch long tusks.

Herefordshire reader Luke Hollis, accompanied by his two shooting pals Jody Marsh and Roger Clarke, shot it.

“We had been tracking the boar for a few months, without any luck,” said Jody. But this time we arrived early at 9.20pm and set up in a grass field near to the woods at Ross-on-Wye.”

Within a few minutes the boar appeared on his way to a field of freshly harvested maize. He stopped for a moment, just long enough for Luke to squeeze off a shot, which killed it instantly.

“Our first attempts to weigh it ended in total failure,” said Jody.

“Not only did the 220kg-rated scales break almost instantly with it only partially lifted off the ground, it also completely straightened the steel hook supporting the scales and the block and tackle!”