Grouse shooting is worth £30m a year to the Scottish economy and supports 940 full-time jobs, according to a new report from the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust.

The report celebrates 25 years and £1.5m of investment in research and policy work by the Game Conservancy Scottish Research Trust and demonstrates the benefits of land management for red grouse, particularly the conservation of moorland.

The trust?s chairman, Charles Connell, said the report highlights the importance of driven grouse shooting to the rural economy and also to conservation, where grazing management and muirburn protect and enhance heather habitats, and predator control allows upland waders and other ground-nesting species as well as grouse to thrive.

Dr Adam Smith, Scottish policy officer at the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, edited the report: ?This report has focused our attention on the great weight of evidence that exists regarding the many public benefits brought by driven grouse moor management to Scotland. If land managers and Scottish Government can come together to find ways of addressing the challenges facing grouse production, Scotland will stand to benefit.

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