In the November 2nd session of the Home Affairs Committee on firearms control, Dr North and Ms Marshall-Andrews gave evidence as representatives of the Gun Control Network.

Dr North called for air rifles to be put on a single firearms certificate: ?We had for a long time advocated a single system, not only to include shotguns and Section 1 firearms but also air weapons as well.?

He went on to draw on the experience of other countries to call for more regular renewal of certificates.

He said: ?I have had a look to see what other countries do. New South Wales, as far as I can tell, does ask for renewal every two years.?

The Gun Control Network is also pushing for GPs to be required to alert the police if they prescribe a gun owner with a certain level of medication.

Ms Marshall-Andrews said: ?This is about the GP having the information on a record that somebody has a gun licence, and with a proper clear protocol that says to them, ?I am prescribing something for this person who is depressed, therefore, maybe I should call the police and let them know.??

Dr North said that those applying for a firearms licence should be required to provide a spouse?s signature on the application form.

He said: ?There is room for a current spouse or an ex-spouse of up to two years to complete and sign, and if they fail to do so then that triggers an additional level of investigation by the registering authorities.?

Ms Marshall-Andrews finished by stating that she believed there was a conspiracy to conceal figures on the legal status of guns used in crime.

She said: ?Having worked in the business for 14 years, there is collusion between the shooters and the police to keep things quiet, to keep things secret.?

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