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Gun owners may benefit from decline in the pound sterling

?Prices of new guns have increased significantly over the last few years due to the strength of the Euro and that is being reflected in the second-hand market,? said Robin Hawes, Manager of William Evans at Bisley Camp in Surrey.

?Values of good-quality guns have appreciated considerably, so now might be a very good time to consider realising their current value, either in an outright sale or as a part-exchange against the purchase of a new model.?

?In the current economic climate some gun owners are looking to realise capital value by selling one or more of their collection, whereas others recognise that quality shotguns can offer them a safe, interesting alternative to traditional forms of investment and are looking to buy. Consequently, interest in new and second-hand guns is running at a high level. This has been evident since the clay target season started earlier in the year, and with the main game shooting season approaching clients are visiting us to discuss their requirements.?

?Particularly at the upper end of the market there is currently a tremendous interest in smaller-gauge shotguns such as .410 and 28-bore, which are rare and consequently have a much higher residual value than their 12-bore counterparts. A 28-bore AYA that might have retailed at £1200 or £1300 10 years ago, for example, might be worth £800 – £900 today, approximately three times as much as a 12-bore version of the same model.?

With the main game shooting season approaching, Robin Hawes emphasises the importance of having guns professionally serviced on an annual basis to ensure safe, reliable operation.

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