The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) has concluded that the Hen Harrier Framework report recently published by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) is significantly flawed.

Among the GWCT?s objections to the study is the fact that it fails to include the most recent survey of harrier numbers and ignores other factors limiting the bird?s population, focusing instead on human persecution.

The GWCT also claims that the land considered suitable for occupation by the birds was overestimated, giving a false impression of how many harriers Scotland could sustain, and it expressed concern that confl ict resolution projects such as the Langholm Moor one were brushed over.

In the light of the GWCT?s criticism, SNH has announced that the report will need to be revised to address these flaws and to bring in new data. However, shooting groups claim that damage has already been done.

The rest of this article appears in 23rd February issue of Shooting Times.

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