John Rigby & Co. was awarded the Sporting Classics Award for Excellence for its Big Game rifle at the Safari Club International Annual Convention.

The Big Game rifle is built on the Magnum Mauser action based on the classic Model 98 design. The barrelled actions are supplied by Mauser before being assembled into rifles at the John Rigby & Co. workshop in London.

Marc Newton, the managing director of John Rigby & Co., said: “To be given this prestigious award less than two years after the return of John Rigby & Co. to the UK is a huge accolade for the whole of the team and I am very proud that John Rigby & Co. gunroom manager David Miles and factory manager Mark Renmant were with me at the ceremony. The award is now on display in the workshop where everyone who has put their heart and soul into creating the Big Game rifle can see it and be reminded of this superb achievement.”

Mark Renmant, who designed the Big Game rifle stock and been involved with John Rigby & Co. for the past 33 years, added: “I was enormously proud to go up and receive this award which recognises the huge team effort put into creating the Big Game rifle. This was a tremendous moment, a great honour for me personally and for the John Rigby & Co. team, and something I will remember for many years to come.”

The award was presented to the John Rigby & Co. team by Ron Spomer, rifle editor of Sporting Classics.

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