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Labour trail-hunt ban fans flames of a ‘culture war’

Trail-hunting with a pack of hounds is a legal practice that Labour has vowed to outlaw.

Labour has been accused of fanning the flames of an “ugly culture war” regarding plans to ban trail-hunting (News 5 June). Sir Keir Starmer’s party intends to include a pledge in its manifesto to end trail-hunting, claiming the sport is being used as a “smokescreen” for illegal foxhunting activities. 

Foxhunting was banned by Tony Blair’s Labour government in 2005. 

Labour’s plan to include trail-hunting in the ban if they come to power has sparked a backlash from the Countryside Alliance. 

Chief executive Tim Bonner said: “Labour’s continuing obsession with hunting shows that the party hasn’t changed. This new attack on trail-hunting is pointless, prejudiced and will fan the flames of an ugly culture war.” 

The Hunting Act 2004 means hunting wild mammals with dogs is illegal, and hundreds of people have been convicted of the offence. Mr Bonner added: “There is no logical justification for a new law.” 

Labour’s manifesto will also include a promise to outlaw the use of humane cable restraints for controlling rabbit and fox populations.