Following the news last week that DEFRA has established a Lead Ammunition Group to investigate the use of lead shot, BASC set out to quell criticism of its stance on the subject by highlighting to the shooting community that it opposes unwarranted restrictions on lead shot. The association reaffirmed its belief that restrictions must be based on an appropriate and proportionate response to science on the subject. The move comes following increasing concern among shooters that BASC’s current response to existing overseas studies on the subject, including science collated by the US raptor group, the Peregrine Fund, is too accepting and insufficiently critical.

BASC’s spokesman Simon Clarke told Shooting Times that the association’s position on lead shot is robust: “BASC’s policy on lead, passed unanimously by its elected council, states that ‘BASC will continue to oppose any unwarranted restrictions on lead shot use. Restrictions must be science-based and proportionate. Debates about possible restrictions must fully involve shooting interests.’

“DEFRA’s Lead Ammunition Group has been brought together because of increasing international scientific evidence on the potential effects of lead shot. BASC will be chairing the group which has been asked to examine that evidence and advise DEFRA. It includes the Gun Trade Association, the GWCT and the Countryside Alliance. Shooting’s interests are well-represented. BASC will oppose any changes to the use of lead ammunition which are not backed by solid science.”

The rest of this article appears in 7th April issue of Shooting Times.

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