Shooters in England are failing to comply with lead shot regulations, according to a new survey from the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT).

The WWT last week announced the results of a recent study it conducted on behalf of DEFRA, into compliance with lead-shot regulations. For the study, which cost more than £60,000, the WWT bought 492 duck from English gamedealers, butchers and supermarkets. Analysis of the carcases showed that 70 per cent had been shot with lead.

Additionally, the WWT?s report drew on a survey conducted by BASC into its members? attitudes to the leadshot regulations. BASC was contracted to survey shooters and, with the assistance of the Country Land & Business Association (CLA), providers of shooting. The WWT last week called for tougher enforcement of lead-shot regulations on the grounds that 45 per cent of shooters interviewed as part of BASC?s survey admitted that they did not always comply with the law.

A BASC spokesman noted that the report does not give a full view of compliance with lead-shot regulations, saying: ?This report provides only a partial snapshot of the effectiveness of the regulations. It highlights a lack of compliance on some inland shoots that sell to gamedealers. BASC knows that coastal wildfowling, which covers many of the water-bird habitats that the regulations are designed to protect, is well regulated through the club system, but this would not be shown in the survey as duck are rarely sold to gamedealers by wildfowlers.?

The rest of this article appears in 17th November issue of Shooting Times.

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