The pupils from Lacy Garden primary school in Louth listened to talks about safety, gun law and the contribution shooters make to conservation.

The day was organised by Peter Marshall and Susan Bull from BASC, in partnership with David Mills from the Airgun Training and Education Organisation.

Community support officer, Josh Hayward, who works for Louth’s neighbourhood policing team, said: “The day at Lacy Garden primary school proved extremely useful and informative for everyone involved. The youngsters took everything on board and particularly the message that carrying imitation firearms in a public place is irresponsible and dangerous.”

BASC’s director of shooting standards, Peter Marshall, said: “This is an important part of BASC’s ongoing schools initiative, ensuring pupils and teachers are provided with a balanced view on country sports and the law. We are constantly on the look out for new enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers who are keen to help with schools visits.”