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Local is best: BASC wants you to use British poults

As DEFRA minister Jim Fitzpatrick deliberates over a potential ban on the use of raised laying cages in the production of gamebird eggs, BASC has launched a campaign to support British game rearers.

The campaign aims to encourage all gamekeepers and shoot owners to source their eggs and poults from local producers who use traditional methods and high welfare standards.

“BASC firmly supports local, traditional British gamefarmers,” BASC’s head of marketing David Ilsley told Shooting Times. He added: “This campaign to buy local, buy British, buy traditional is to raise awareness that our local gamefarmers know their market and breed their birds for our climate in the UK and our shooting requirements.”

Mr Ilsley said that BASC wanted to see the highest standards maintained in gamefarming. “The use of local, traditional breeders will help this. Shorter journeys also help with welfare and disease control.

The rest of this article appears in 17th February issue of Shooting Times.

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