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National Shooting Week 2011

National Shooting Week 2011 runs until Sunday this week (June 5), so there is no better time to take your first step into the world of shooting.

Shooting schools and clubs up and down the country have opened up their doors and will be hosting a range of events ideal for the shooting novice.

To find out where your nearest shooting event is being held this week, visit the National Shooting Week website:

Many grounds will be offering tuition at discounted rates for all newcomers to the sport.

Shooting is one of the most inclusive Olympic and Paralympic sports, gender, age and disability being no barrier to potential success.

National Shooting Week is run by the Countryside Alliance on behalf of the British Shooting Sports Council.

One of the organisers of National Shooting Week 2011, David Taylor, said: “Shooting is a very diverse, popular and safe sport.

“With so many disciplines to choose from, National Shooting Week allows people of all ages and all backgrounds to sample the sport for the first time.

“With the Olympics coming to London next year, we may even discover and Olympian of the future.”

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