In the consultation, one of the suggestions was “ban lead shot”, to which the National Trust responded by saying: “This will be a stipulation of our new leases”.

The National Trust also said that it wishes “to phase out burning on deep peat (defined as more than 0.5m in depth)”, adding that it will work with its tenants to “make these changes in a sustainable way and to ensure that factors such as wild fire risk management and legal predator control are not adversely affected.”

The National Trust went on to claim that, “there is no evidence that moorland overwhelmingly dominated by heather is optimal for grouse.”

The National Trust also agreed to the suggestion that pheasants and red-legged partridges should not be released on its land, saying: “Future tenancies for the moors will prohibit this.”

However, the National Trust does respond to suggestions that grouse shooting should be banned by saying that it has been a key component of the management of the High Peak Moors since the 19th century, and that grouse shooting can have a role in the 21st century management of the land.