We get sent details of many new shooting products to review and test. Here's a roundup of the ones we picked out this month.

Walker’s Alpha Muffs

This pair of wind-resistant, high frequency stereo microphones can enhance your hearing by five times, while employing sound-activated compression, therefore protecting your hearing from gunfire. It has two independent volume controls, and takes two AAA batteries. Price: RRP: £75

From Viking Arms 

gun wipe

Rusty’s Rags

Imported from the US, Rusty’s Rags are a piece of sheepskin impregnated with silicone. The “rag” comes in a Ziploc bag, together with a small bottle of silicone oil and a piece of flannel for wiping off the excess oil. An excellent way to ensure there are no fingermarks left on your gun. Price: £24.95

From Lloyd Knives

Napier SilensaveNapier Silensave

This aerosol can be sprayed directly into either end of the moderator before you store it and contains the VP90 corrosion inhibitor. On the first firing after application, the heat bonds the chemical to the metal surfaces, preventing any corrosion. Price: £5.99

From Napier

utility belt
Ridgeline Utility Belt Pouch

Ridgeline’s practical belt pouch is an ideal piece of kit for the stalker, allowing you to carry ropes, gloves, a torch and anything else you might need with you, while keeping your hands free. It’s got five pockets and thanks to being made of fleece is silent. Price: £22.49

From Ridgeline Clothing

Spanish knifeAzero Carry Knife

These Spanish knives have a 6cm Sandvik steel blade, which has excellent edge retention and come with a suede pouch. The non-wood handles are polymethyl methacrylate, a strong, lightweight material with a high impact resistance. Price: £39.95

From Sporting Cutlery 

splashproof camera Dörr Wildcam

The WildCam features extremely fast triggers, so it can capture almost any creature that strays past it, as well as having blur- reduction technology. With both image and video, the camera is splash waterproof and records images up to approximately 18m away. The motion sensors have a range of 45 degrees. The display shows date, time, temperature and moon phase.

Price: RRP £230

From Ruag