Produced with the aid of the NGO’s specialist solicitors, Barker Gotelee of Ipswich, the revised 2002 leaflet has been distributed to all 10,000 NGO members.

The NGO has also visited the Chief Constable responsible for policy rural affairs throughout England and Wales to appeal for greater understanding.

“The NGO is concerned about the increasing number of raids on gamekeepers, not all of which have been conducted within the current Home Office guidance (Code B), and very few of which have revealed any wrong doing,” commented an NGO spokesman.

He felt it was important members are reminded of their rights and what the police can and cannot do: “We sympathise with police forces who have been encouraged by over-zealous bird protectionists into making expensive and time-consuming raids which then prove to be completely groundless.”

He continued: “We will not stand by and allow public money to be wasted in this way, nor NGO members to be traumatised for no good reason. We are assisting gamekeepers who have been raided without good reason to raise the matter with their local MP’s.”

The advice is available as a download on the NGO’s website.