The Northern Irish Committee for Justice has rejected proposals for a significant increase in firearms licensing fees. This would have seen fees rise from £50 to £121 for a single firearms certificate, while a firearms dealer certificate would have gone up from £150 to £528.

The decision was made at a meeting on 17 October, where security for firearms dealers was also discussed.

Speaking after the meeting, BASC NI director Tommy Mayne said: “We are very grateful to the Justice Committee for their cooperation, understanding and pragmatic approach to these important issues. We will continue to work with the Justice Committee and partner organisations to ensure firearms certificate holders in Northern Ireland receive an efficient level of service at a fair price. Many stakeholders have raised concerns about the lack of accountability of the Police Service Northern Ireland’s Firearms and Explosives Branch (PSNI FEB). BASC will work on behalf of its members and in partnership with other stakeholders to ensure that the PSNI’s FEB are accountable for their actions.”