Peter Thompson GWCT

RSPB chief executive to speak at GWCT conference

The RSPB’s views on shooting and conservation will be aired and debated at the GWCT’s members’ conference at the Royal Geographical Society in London on October 29. Heather buring and the hen harrier debate will also be on the agenda at the London conference, due to be attended by the…

Purdey bicentenary trio

Purdey Bicentenary Trio

James Purdey & Sons, the Royal Gun and Rifle Makers, has announced it will be producing a commemorative trio of guns to celebrate 200 years in 2014.

Yvette Cooper

Licence fees to rise under Labour

Shooters would have to pay “cost” price for their shotgun and firearms certificates if a Labour government is elected next year, according to shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper. The shooting industry also needs to demonstrate its environmental sustainability and address public concerns over matters such as illegal raptor persecution, according…

anti poaching conference

Gamekeepers and police join forces to fight poachers

Gamekeepers joined wildlife crime officers from around the country to pool their experience and expertise at the UK’s first national anti-poaching conference on 11 September at JCB’s world headquarters in Staffordshire. The event, which was organised by the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation and backed by the National Wildlife Crime Unit and…

hen harrier

Hen harrier petition passes 10,000 mark

The e-petition calling for DEFRA to publish the Hen Harrier Joint Recovery Plan has attracted more than 10,000 signatures. In August 2012, DEFRA asked moor owners, gamekeepers and conservation groups, including the RSPB and the GWCT, to work together to produce a plan for the restoration of the hen harrier…


Tesco scraps plans to shoot a wagtail

Natural England has granted the supermarket giant Tesco a special licence to kill a single wagtail trapped in one of its stores in Great Yarmouth — but, following an outcry, the supermarket chain has shelved its plan and instead turned to ornithologists for assistance in capturing the bird. A number…