The judge at Wood Green Crown Court, north London ordered the Metropolitan Police to pay £13,200 to Savvas Toufexis, two-thirds of his overall costs.

At this stage it remains unclear how much the case has cost the Metropolitan Police.

?This was a victory for common sense over stupidity,? said Mr Toufexis, who is a leading campaigner against the ban on pistols.

?We are now awaiting the results of a request based on the Freedom of Information Act to find out what this has cost the police in terms of taxpayers? money, but it will undoubtedly be a substantial amount.?

?It could have been as much as £25,000, and had they made this public, we would have used this against them. This public money could have been used in these cash-strapped times to make the streets safer.?

Both the head of firearms licensing and the personal firearms enquiry officer in Hendon?s Firearms Enquiry Team had originally agreed to the renewal of Mr Toufexis?s firearms certificate, but had apparently been overruled by a more senior officer.

The restrictions imposed upon Mr Toufexis included one that stated the number of firearms that he owned should be reduced by 10, and another that a .44 revolver, used by Mr Toufexis for humane despatch, could only be used in certain locations.

Mr Toufexis said: ?My view is that the police?s legal costs should be paid out of police pension funds. Perhaps then their decisions would be much fairer and more logical.?

Another Sportsman?s Association council member, general secretary Mike Wells, faces a court case in September after the Metropolitan Police alleged that he unlawfully supplied pistols which were not properly restricted to two shots.

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