Today Shooting UK is coming live from the CLA Game Fair. We'll be reporting on debates, events, shows, products ... here's just a roundup of what we're planning to visit

  • 8am – Press briefing – much needed coffee, a welcome by Henry Robinson the CLA President.
  • 10am – a conversation between Henry Robinson the CLA President and Rory Stewart MP, Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the Game Fair Theatre.
  • 11am – off to the Pugs and Drummers demonstration on Stand Y1096.  We’ll be writing up the latest on ferret care, nutrition and husbandry and checking old and new ferreting equipment.
  • 11.30am – Sporting Irish Water Spaniel demonstration in the Working Dog Ring. Particular emphasis on the early stages of training, which relate to all gundogs. The Irish Water Spaniel is “a fun and challenging dog to own” and apparently the demonstration often causes some amusement as the dogs show what they can and can’t do!
  • A wander down Gunmakers’ Row – more will follow …
  • 1pm John Bidwell Shooting Exhibition
  • 1.30pm – off to the Cookery Demonstration Theatre to investigate the CLA Game Chef of the Year and pick up some new ideas for recipes to share with Shooting UK readers. Four finalists will cook in front of the live audience with the competition judged by the editor of The Field, Jonathan Young and the UK’s leading game chef, Mike Robinson.
  • 2pm – listening to debate “Landowners and Wildlife: Friends or Foes?’. Should be interesting. We’ll be sharing some live video on this on our YouTube Channel too.
  • 4pm – watching spaniels and retrievers in the  Twistmount Gundog Display Team
  • 4.30pm – Grudge Match and Terrier Racing

If you haven’t managed to make the CLA Game Fair this year, we’ll be keeping you up to date on Twitter and Facebook and also adding film to our YouTube channel which we’ll share here.

And if there’s anything in particular you want us to cover, please add a comment below.