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RSPCA drops case

The RSPCA has dropped another hunting case, the charity?s fourth failed hunt prosecution in 2013. At a hearing at Worcester Magistrates? Court, the RSPCA dropped its charges against Ledbury huntsman Will Goffe for hunting a fox at Castlemorton Common, near Malvern on 4 March this year. The prosecution was based on evidence made up of covert surveillance collected by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS).

Ledbury Hunt solicitor Tim Hayden said: ?The RSPCA claims to apply the Code for Crown Prosecutors when making charging decisions, but it is quite clear that in this case there was never sufficient evidence to justify a prosecution.?

The Countryside Alliance?s Tim Bonner added: ?The taxpayer will pick up the bill for this farce and despite clear warnings having already been given to the Government there remains absolutely no process by which it can control or regulate this behaviour. The RSPCA is abusing the criminal justice system for political ends and the Government seems unwilling to do anything about it.?