They are pictured receiving their award from Phil Scott- Priestley of sponsors GSC Grays and Malise Graham.

The pair, who farm about 130 hectares in North Yorkshire, heeded the research work of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and went the extra mile to support their wild greys during the worst breeding season since the Trust was founded in 1933.

Their winter oil seed rape, potatoes and over-winter stubbles have provided important winter escape cover after harvest. Without suitable cover partridges are vulnerable to significant losses through predation.

In addition to creating suitable habitat, Peter and Phil provide additional food for their partridges through supplementary feeding, as well as controlling key predators during the nesting and brood rearing season.

These combined actions have given the birds invaluable support.

Henrietta Appleton, one of the judges, said: ?While large scale conservation schemes tend to grab the headlines, the work of farmers like Peter and Phil are important in conserving the declining populations over wide areas of rural England.?

?As the Dowsons prove, every little bit helps especially in difficult years such as this year.?