Airgun legislation should be devolved to the Scottish Parliament, according to the controversial Calman Commission report, published on 15 June.

Led by Sir Kenneth Calman, the report was an independent review of Scottish devolution since 1998. The recommendation comes after Scottish ministers made repeated attempts to get Westminster to ban airguns throughout the UK or to allow the Scottish Government to legislate on the issue.

A Scottish Government spokesman explained that if the proposals are approved, ministers will look to overhaul current airgun legislation: “We are encouraged by the recommendation on airguns. We have maintained that airguns should be licensed to put them on a similar footing with other lethal firearms, but allowing for legitimate use. That is why we will continue to push for an overhaul of the whole firearms regime, to reform the licensing scheme to make it consistent and easier to understand and to enforce.”

The rest of this article appears in 25 June issue of Shooting Times.

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