As a result of intervention by shooting organisations demanding further consultation, the introduction of the proposed new General Licences, which authorise the control of pest birds, has been delayed until March.

Director of BASC Scotland Colin Shedden explained: “Indications were that the new licences were going to be fundamentally different, at least in tone and the conditions attached to them, if not actually affecting the species we are allowed to control or the reasons for controlling them.”

BASC was deeply concerned that the new licences were going to be shown to us on 17 December, coming into effect on 1 January. It would obviously have been virtually impossible to communicate any changes to the shooting community.” He added: “We welcome the delay to the implementation of the new licences until 1 April. This means that the licences that applied in 2007 have been reissued for a further three months.”

The rest of this article appears in 10 January issue of Shooting Times.

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