“It is vitally important that all those affected write to their MP to make sure that they are aware of the potential impact of this legislation in real instances on the ground,” the Country Land & Business Association’s national access adviser, Andrew Shirley, told Shooting Times.

Plans for coastal access and new marine conservation zones were published in the draft Marine Bill on 3 April.

The proposals for coastal access have been criticised as they seem to make no provision for closing off areas to prevent people from being injured either by gunshot or falling quarry.

The plans have not been welcomed by landowners, conservationists and wildfowlers, who fear that the proposals will jeopardise the natural habitat and the sporting rights of the areas. Last month, the committee set up to scrutinise the Bill said it was concerned by the “general lack of clarity” regarding enforcement of the new laws.

For more information on the Marine Bill, visit www.defra.gov.uk/marine/legislation.

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