Shooting Champ wins world title in four decades.
The Hastings-based shooter hit an astonishing 197/200 total over the four-day tournament, beating fellow Brit Ben Husthwaite (195/200) into second and American Anthony Matarese (192/200) into third.

He has now won a world title in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s, and he left Italy happy at having achieved the ambition he has worked towards for so long.

“My long-term goal has always been to try and win a World Championship in four different decades,” he explained.

“I’ve had that goal for the last 2-3 years, along with trying to maintain my position within the sport and being competitive at a world level – which I’ve managed to do.?

Despite his amazing achievement George remains modest, insisting that serendipity played a part in the fine form he showed in Italy, where he shot a perfect 100/100 over the first two days.

“At certain times in your life things just go right,” he said.

“You can never get your timings absolutely spot on and have everything go right every time you go out. You try to give yourself every opportunity every time you go out to get it right, but there’s certain times in everybody’s career where it just slots into place and you have one of those red-letter shoots, so to speak.?

“It’s the same as somebody playing unbelievable tennis at Wimbledon one year and then not necessarily doing it again. It’s just one of those times where everything came together.”

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