Shooting hero claims bronze at FITASC Championships.
George shot a fine 191 but was pipped to the gold medal by young Frenchman Christophe Auvret and to silver by Ben Huswaithe, who both shot 192.

On his return to competitive action, after missing the last event in Cyprus due to the flight disruption caused by the volcanic activity in Iceland, George was pleased with his performance.

George said: “I shot the best I could. I shot 45 out of my first 50 which was perhaps only one off the pace, and the last three days I shot 48, 50 straight and 48 again, and I couldn’t shoot any better than that if I shot it a thousand more times.”

“In world sport nowadays, the standards are so much higher and you’ve got to prepare yourself sometimes for the fact that you can put in a winning score and be beaten.”

And despite the disruption caused by a broken rib in early May, George was more than happy with his preparations for Russia.

He added: “The build up couldn’t have gone any better – in the last three weeks, I’ve been shooting better than I’ve shot in the last 10 years. I’ve been travelling all over the country shooting pretty serious scores and winning a lot of shoots amongst the top-end of the shooting field.”

“I was only one target off shooting a 96 average at the Euros, and to shoot that not win is one of the reasons I’m not disappointed, because I’ve shot a good score and been beaten, and there’s never a disgrace in doing your best and being beaten.”

George’s only post-tournament concern was getting his guns back home safely, after they were accidentally left behind in Eastern Europe: “Unfortunately, due to a technical error, they remained in the armoury and didn’t get on the flight home with us. We’re looking at it, and hopefully the situation can be resolved soon!”