Shooters have been called upon to support an updated version of the PACEC report which, in 2006, investigated the economic and environmental value of shooting to the UK and calculated a £1.6billion headline figure of the sport?s true value.

The firm Public and Corporate Economic Consultants (PACEC) has again been commissioned to run a new study, which will investigate the environmental, economic and ? significantly ? the social benefits of shooting. A conglomeration of 14 shooting and land-based organisations including lead partner BASC as well as the CLA, the Countryside Alliance and the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust are backing the study, a key element of which will be a survey questionnaire sent to the membership of all those organisations involved.

Dr John Harradine, BASC?s director of research, told Shooting Times: ?Quantifying the benefits of shooting in all its diverse forms is not an easy task, but it is an essential one. It allows politicians, journalists and others to grasp how important shooting is to the economy, to conservation and to the social fabric of the UK. The 2006 PACEC report has been widely used and much quoted in the promotion of shooting. The need for an updated and expanded report is urgent and we will deliver it before the general election in 2015.

?For the new report, many more organisations have been brought together by BASC and the scope of the study broadened to include clay and target shooting, airgun use, deer population management and shooting tourism in Scotland.

?It will also address the social benefits of shooting. These are difficult to measure but they are important. Think how central the camaraderie is to a day?s shooting and how much the shoot is a social focus as well as an economic contributor in rural areas. If you are contacted to take part in the study, please do make your contribution. It will help us to build the most complete picture ever compiled of the size, scale and benefits of shooting sports in this country.”