Shooting interests consulted over coastal access rights.
Following the announcement of the manner in which coastal access will be implemented in England, BASC has reinforced the fact shooting interests will have to be considered in detail before any decision can be taken on the creation of new access rights.

The advice from shooting interests to Natural England, during the consultation process on coastal access legislation, has resulted in detailed consideration of shooting as an activity covering wildfowling, game shooting, deer stalking, target shooting and pest and predator control.

It also includes shooting as a conservation land management interest covering saltmarsh, grazing marsh, woodlands, crops, wild deer and game bird management.

BASC?s Conor O?Gorman said: ?In the past two years BASC has represented shooters at every coastal access stakeholder meeting, workshop and consultation response. That time and effort has paid to support shooting interests during local implementation.?

A short section of coast at Weymouth Bay in Dorset will be the first site where new rights of coastal access will be created, with Natural England first meeting landowners and occupiers before any detailed planning begins.

The plan is to have the new coastal access route implemented in that area before the 2012 Olympics.

Weymouth will host the Olympic sailing events and large numbers of visitors are anticipated.

Stretches of coast in Kent, Somerset, Norfolk, Cumbria and East Riding have also been earmarked for coastal access projects.

Any shooting interest that disagrees with a local decision on coastal access will have a right of appeal to the secretary of state.

BASC has already indicated it is keen to hear from shooters when, and if, they plan to appeal.

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