Shotgun licence application delays due to payment process.
BASC is warning of ?unnecessary delays? to shotgun licence and firearms certificate applications after it discovered that many police forces in England and Wales have changed their payment processes.

Previously, licensing payments were made to the local police authority, but those bodies have been abolished following the recent elections around the country for Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs).

BASC is now urging certificate holders to check payment details for their local police firearms licensing department before applying or to expect delays as a consequence.

BASC firearms officer Matt Perring said: ?It is important that certificate holders and applicants check to whom they should be paying fees for the grant, renewal and variation of certificates for shotguns and firearms.?

?Many forces have made changes and now require payment to be made to PCCs, but others will accept payments made directly to the force.?

?We are concerned that the confusion this might create could lead to unnecessary delays in processing applications.?

Many police forces were already under fire for their tardy response to licence applications ? last month Shooting Times examined how the cyclical fluctuation in licensing workload, known by staff as ?the bulge?, results in extended renewal times and unacceptable delays.

BASC has compiled a full list of payees for all police forces around the country.

To check whom you should pay, cut & paste this link into your browser: bit.ly/YqfbmU