Barry Atkinson said: ?Today has been a fantastic day and I am amazed at the number of grouse we have seen especially after such a wet summer.?

?The beating team have worked really hard to get the birds over the butts and Spider has had a great day ? helped of course by PetSpec Working Dog that he has once a day to help keep him in top condition, especially for a long day?s grouse beating on the moors.?

At the end of the day Barry thanked Gary Owen ? headkeeper (pictured with him and his underkeeper) for helping him kick-off this year?s season and gave Barry a brace of grouse along with a collection to go towards the appeal.

In return Barry gave Gary a case of 6 tubs of PetSpec for his dogs.

Barry and Spider now only have 79 shoots to go before they reach his target of beating on 1000 shoots to raise £l million split between the NGO Educational Trust and Cancer Research UK.

The countdown to 1000 continues…