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Sporting shots and Forestry Commission create new habitats

The initiative looks to work with shooting tenants to enrich habitats and provide sustainable sporting facilities on land managed by the Forestry Commission.

The Commission reinvested £1,500 into the project from the proceeds of its shooting licences, hoping to improve woodland biodiversity.

The local shoot, Martletts, worked in conjunction with the Commission’s wildlife ranger for Sussex, Stuart Sutton, to find the best location for the ponds. The ponds were built at different levels, sizes and depths by Northiam-based contractor Chris Saunter, in the hope that they will attract a great variety of wildlife to the area.

It is also hoped that the building of nest boxes in the area will encourage the growth of declining wetland species such as willow tits and marsh tits.

The Martletts shoot will manage the site. David Foster, captain of the shoot, commented: “We are delighted with the Forestry Commission’s work on the new ponds. Previously there was no water in the vicinity. This will be ideal of woodcock and other wildfowl.”