Stolen shotgun leads to £3,000 fine for owner.
John Jordan, aged 60, of Lower Broadheath, near Worcester, admitted failing to comply with the conditions of his shotgun licence when he appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court.

The prosecution said Jordan was working on his farm before leaving the loaded gun on the front passenger seat with the car keys in the ignition.

The conditions of a shotgun licence state shotguns must be locked up securely when not in use.

The prosecution said Jordan had left the gun in the car because his feet were too dirty to walk through the house and put it back in the gun cabinet.

Jordan had called the police when he noticed the shotgun missing from the car. Jordan, representing himself, said he used the gun to scare predators away from his fishing pools.

Jordan told the court he has now fitted a new gun cabinet to avoid having to walk through the house to put it away.

He said: “I can now access the cabinet without making too much mess.”

Jordan was fined £3,000 for failing to comply with the conditions of his shotgun licence.

He was also ordered to pay £60 towards prosecution costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Magistrates said they gave Jordan credit for his previous good character and early guilty plea and were satisfied with the measures he has taken to improve his gun storage.

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