We’d love to hear the story behind your first gun and we’ll even publish the best ones on Shooting UK!

How old were you when you got your first gun? What gun was it? Where did you shoot it for the first time? How did you feel? Do you still have it?

And, most interestingly, do you have a photo of you with your first gun?

I’m yet to get a SGC but I can kick things off by sharing my dad’s story. When we were out shooting clays a couple of weekends ago, he brought along the first new gun he ever purchased. It was bought the year my sister and I were born and, a quarter of a century later, he still uses it. Of course, that wasn’t the first gun he ever bought. His #myfirstgun was a second hand one he bought for a small sum and a ferret!

Email us (shootinguk@ipcmedia.com) with your stories and we’ll be collating the best to publish in the coming weeks. You can join in the conversation on Twitter too – tweet us @shootinguk and use the hashtag #myfirstgun. There’s also a thread in our forums if you’d like to chat with our other members about the first gun you ever owned.

Photo by Carla