The Lead Ammunition Group (LAG) has published the minutes from its meeting held last October. John Swift, former chief executive of BASC and chairman of the group, gave an overview of the need to identify the risks to wildlife and livestock from the use of lead ammunition, as well as possible solutions. The group also received a presentation about the risks to human health from the ingestion of lead from ammunition, and there was a discussion on how much lead-contaminated land there is in the UK.

John Swift reported on a recent meeting with Martin Spray, chief executive of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, and Lord Jones, who is an amateur ornithologist. Mr Swift also reported on his meeting with Professor Len Levy, a specialist in environmental toxicology, Labour’s Huw Irranca-Davies, shadow minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and Tom Harris, the former shadow minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to report on LAG?s progress. During the meeting it was made clear that those present felt it was important that LAG should be allowed to continue its work.

According to the minutes, DEFRA has also said that ministers have been expecting the LAG report for ?some time? ? it is likely to appear early in 2014: ?If their recommendations need to be acted upon, it is important to give sufficient time to consider this before Parliament is dissolved in spring 2015 before the next election. Departments enter a period of purdah when no business can be done once this has happened, so the beginning of 2015 is the latest a report could be submitted for consideration.?

Two risk assessments have been completed and LAG has agreed that there is ?sufficient evidence of potential risks to begin considering possible mitigation measures?. The assessments are not yet available to be read by members of the wider shooting community.