The Cheshire-based company made the decision after the Turkish brand failed to develop shotgun products that appealed to the UK market.

A 66-year old family business, Edgar Brothers currently distributes many famous brands including fellow Turkish brand Hatsan, luxury Italian shotguns Zoli and well-known American brands Remington, Marlin and Savage Arms.

Edgar Brothers’ Derek Edgar explained: “As Edgar Brothers have recently taken on several new large lines we had to look at the brands we handle and how they perform and contribute to the business.”

“Having distributed Huglu since 2008 we had initial success with the 12 and 20-bore shotguns and when Huglu introduced their case hardened .410 over-under it became our best selling Huglu shotgun.”

“Unfortunately the wider Huglu line does not include the type of shotguns demanded in the UK.”

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