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Woodcock artist offers prize draw in return for woodcock records

The prizes on offer are two signed and numbered copies of the book Woodcock and pinfeather painting by Collin Woolf.

Collin says: ?Documents dating from the late 18th century contain some intriguing references to the occurrence of extremely large woodcock.?

?One bird, shot in Suffolk in 1775, is reported to have tipped the scales at 27oz.? (The British Trust for Ornithology considers the average weight of a woodcock to be around 10oz).

?I would be extremely interested to hear of any contemporary records of these extra-large woodcock, including the date and location.?

?I would also like to know if anyone else has come across a short-billed woodcock ? a bird with a beak that is almost half its usual length.?

?I have come across several examples of these birds over the years.?

?In return, I would like to offer readers the chance to win one of two signed and numbered copies of Woodcock and pinfeather painting.?

To order a copy of the book (a limited edition of 450 copies, priced at £93, including post and packing) or to forward your woodcock records, contact:

Colin Woolf
2 Blairhill View
West Lothian
EH48 3TR

Tel: 01501 751796
Email: [email protected]

To enter the prize draw, just email your woodcock information to [email protected]