A photographic round-up of the 2014 Midland Game Fair

The photos above show the 2014 Midland Game Fair, held at Weston Park. Official attendance numbers haven’t yet been released, but there seemed to be reasonable crowds making their way to our stand on Gunmakers Row

One of the highlights of the Midland Game Fair was the launch of the new BSA Gold Star SE PCP rifle on the Saturday.

As the photos show, the weather was particularly dismal on Saturday but that didn’t put off visitors. It had brightened by Sunday, making it a very pleasant morning at the show.

There was an unsual addition to this year’s show: the anti-terrorism message at the Prevent stand.

“Terrorism can take many forms including involvement in anti-country pursuits and more recently the badger cull,” said Sergeant Calum Forsyth.

“We are asking gun clubs and members to be aware if anyone in the club begin acting differently.”

He added: “So few people will report the theft of fertiliser. But if they realised that it is an important component of explosive, along with fuel such as diesel, then they may be more likely to let us know.”

Were you at the Midland Game Fair? Send your photos to shootinguk@timeinc.com and we’ll add them to the gallery above.