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How Extinction Rebellion is economical with the truth

London is now culturally another planet as far as this backwoodsman is concerned. Two lots of space cadets were there doing their level best to end life on planet Galloway: our elected representatives in the House of Commons and a bunch of misanthropes calling themselves Extinction Rebellion. I should have…

land management of grouse moor

Land management is hampered by officials with little knowledge

When a senior member 
of Natural England asks 
a grouse keeper how many birds he releases and it’s not 1 April, you have a right 
to worry. It is not the only example 
of government employees showing 
a serious lack of working knowledge. The licensing debacle has left the management…

driven shooting

The origins of driven shooting

Throughout the UK and Europe, driven shooting has become one of the most popular facets of our sport. According to BASC, of the 600,000 people who hold shotgun certificates, more than 55 per cent shoot driven game. The release of game for sporting purposes, involving pheasants and mallard, began in…

walked-up shooting

How to tackle common species when walked-up shooting

Successfully walking-up any quarry and making the most of your opportunities is not as as straightforward as people often think. Here I will go into specific details about how 
to tackle commonly encountered species. The most frequently made mistake among would-be rough Shots is to head to the local clay…

red squirrel box

Protecting the red squirrel

I’m Jerry Moss and I have been a red squirrel ranger for 14 years. My responsibilities involve conserving and protecting the UK’s only native squirrel, especially from the threat of the alien grey. I am also a trustee of the Penrith & District Red Squirrel Group (P&DRSG), a charity committed…

selling game

How to sell your game without going through a game dealer

Last year the game market was one of the best to date for game dealers selling into home and international markets. Across the south of England the three main dealers were reporting that they were short of pheasants. The economics of the game market are complex but game dealers, despite…

young Patterdale terrier

A good day’s ratting

It was about 4am with rain falling hard from the London sky and people spilling out of nightclubs on to the greasy streets. As I sat waiting for the red signal to change, I noticed a man slumped against the traffic lights. Then movement at his feet caught my eye,…

Land Rover Defender

Has the Land Rover had its day?

As the king of off-roaders celebrates its 70th birthday, some unwelcome guests have gatecrashed the party. There are plenty of other 4×4 manufacturers eager to snatch its muddy crown. So has Land Rover taken a wrong turn? Problems with oil leaks Opinion is divided. In 1948 the Land Rover had…

Starlings in flight

Do you know the collective nouns for birds?

 Most of the collective nouns for birds date back to the mid 15th century. And here are some of our favourites: A wake of buzzards A confusion of chiffchaffs A chattering of choughs A commotion of coots A murder of crows An asylum of cuckoos A curfew of curlews A…

2017/8 shooting season partridge

27 of our favourite photos of the 2017/8 shooting season

All good things come to an end and so has the 2017/8 shooting season. We hope you’ve had some excellent days out in the field, enjoying excellent cameraderie, watching well-trained gundogs perform their tasks and sitting down to delicious meals of game afterwards. Here is a selection of our favourite…

How I created my own shoot

How I created my own shoot

It is the dream of many sportsmen to own their own shoot, and to provide some sort of safeguard for their shooting in the future. Due to escalating 
land prices around the country this dream may result in owning just 
a few acres, but with careful planning and hard work…

Bordeaux red blends

Bordeaux red blends to accompany game dishes

Bordeaux‘s signature grape varieties have traversed the globe, to the extent that Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot have risen to the summit of the world grape planting league in the past two decades. What’s in a Bordeaux red blend? A Bordeaux red blend usually combines two or more of the classic…

shooting high birds

10 of the most challenging drives in the British Isles

Beeches, Brixton Deverill, Wiltshire This shoot is one for the connoisseurs and Kim Beddall has any number of fine drives across three beats. Shooting Gazette correspondent John Walker said: “While Abyssinia may be the most famous, it is the Beeches drive on the Sutton Veny beat that will test the…

the woodcock

The woodcock – so elusive

As both a challenge of shooting skill and a delicacy for the table, the woodcock is regarded by many shooters as an elusive and highly prized trophy. It is certainly one of the most mysterious birds among our quarry species. Most encounters with this secretive and interesting wader are of the bird on the wing. Disturbed from its…

Liam Bell keeper

An interview with Liam Bell, chairman of the NGO

What did you do before becoming a keeper? I went to school! I never really wanted to do anything else. I remember my father, who was a chemical engineer, saying I’d make a good gamekeeper when I was 10 or 11 years old. I found out what one did and was hooked. It sounded like a…

taking a shot

When should you take the shot?

  Leaving aside the stalking skill, knowledge of the quarry, correct rifle mount, stability of position, breath control and all the other disciplines needed for an accurate shot, what do I wait for in those few seconds before the message is despatched to squeeze the trigger? Period of calm With the scope crosshairs on the target,…


The modern cartridge vs the flintlock

If you have ever fired a flintlock, you will know that it feels as if the world has suddenly slipped into slow motion when you compare the experience to that of firing your modern shotgun. When you pull the trigger on the flintlock, you are very aware of a sort of “click – fizz – bang”…

Banned from shooting for life?

Q: I am currently serving a nine-year prison sentence for manslaughter (there was no element of violence in this offence and the court accepted that there was no intention to cause harm to anyone). I have been a keen shooter for around 15 years but have been told that because…