January might be the last full month of the driven shooting season but we’re still giving you plenty of excuses to get out there and pull the trigger. We’re everywhere from London to the Scottish Highlands again this month, talking to everyone from craftsmen and foreign sporting visitors to chefs and gamekeepers about what makes every facet of game shooting so alluring. We’re also blessed with stunning photographs capturing our beloved countryside, meaning there is plenty to drool over when you are not out in the field.

What makes a good shoot?
We ask the experts about what they expect from their day.

The talented Mr Turner
The sporting passions of English landscape painter J.M.W. Turner.

American calling
A visitor from the US celebrates what is great about British sport.

Best London gunmaking
Celebrating the creative innovations of Watson Bros.

Highland fling
Following lady guns as they try to achieve a Macnab in Scotland.

Don’t get in a twist!
Solving technique problems that arise during mixed quarry shooting.

Sporting chefs
Sat Bains explains his newfound love of shooting.

Cornish quality
Partridge shooting in the south west of England.

Reviews, reviews, reviews
The Skoda Yeti; the Beretta 690 Field III; and the Hartnoll Hotel in Bolham, Devon all go under the microscope.