Shooting Gazette - June 2014

What is it about deer that captures the imagination so? Shooting Gazette pays homage to the six species that attract sportsmen from across the globe to our shores this month, taking you to the darkest and loneliest places on these islands in the process. We’re glassing the hill for roe in Perthshire, celebrating winter hinds, brushing up on our muntjac and, just to make things interesting, learning how our dogs can be a stalker’s best friend. But love stalking as we do, it’s not all hooves and antlers this month…

I do not believe you wanted to do that
Why constructive criticism of shoot management is justified and entirely necessary.

Reviews, reviews, reviews
The Browning B725 20 bore; the Subaru Outback; and the White Horse Hotel in Chilgrove all go under the microscope.

Behind every good gun’s elbow…
…there stands a good instructor. We profile 10 of the best from around the UK.

Getting wet, wet, wet
How the Manor Farm shoot in Hampshire keeps its guests hungry – even when they’re soaked!

Kill… cook… eat!
Players from Bath RFC learn how to prepare their quarry for the dinner table.

Pages and pages of gundogs
Training advice plus news and results from tests and trials around the country.

The game shooting scientist
In conversation with Professor Sir Christopher Evans.