June 2015 Shooting Gazette

Britain’s rapidly growing deer population is never far away from the minds of the thousands of stalkers who venture out at dawn and dusk in search of the six species that inhabit our island. From Woburn to the Scottish Highlands, deer capture the imagination like no other quarry. June is a celebration of that fact, and we’ve invited everyone from our resident expert David Whitby and chef Mike Robinson to the party.

The shooting equestrian
Robert Cuthbert talks Purdey 16 bores and stalking with equestrian William Fox-Pitt.

Sport abroad
Julien Pursglove and James Field send hunting reports from New Zealand and South Africa.

Red dawn
Nick Hammond stalks on the Isle of Mull’s Martian-like landscape.

Your roe cull sorted
David Whitby throws the rigid rulebooks out of the window.

From field to forest
Jeremy Hobson examines the Magna Carta’s influence on country pursuits.

A fallow love affair
Chef Mike Robinson on stalking near to his Berkshire pile.

The crackshot emperor
As Waterloo’s bicentennial approaches, Alec Marsh charts the sporting life of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Eye, eye
Sporting optics and other kits for stalkers.

Reviews, reviews, reviews
The EJ Churchill 20 bore Coronet, the Skoda Octavia Scout and the Roxburghe Hotel in Kelso go under the microscope.

How young is too young?
Jeremy Hunt encourages handlers to take things slowly with their newest recruits.