The Field & Country Fair is almost upon us, and everyone at Shooting Gazette is waiting to give you, our readers, the warmest of welcomes at Cornbury Park between June 10-12. There’ll be so much for visitors to see and do across the three days, from shooting clays and casting flies to working gundogs and eating game pies, aided and abetted by some of the biggest names in the fieldsports community, including Will Garfit and George Digweed. We hope to see you there! And the June issue is the Shooting Gazette stalking special so, among the usual array of fantastic features, we also have a special section devoted to the pursuit of deer and boar. A veritable feast for rifle shooters!

You never forget your first stag
AA Gill on the thrill of deer stalking.

Why you should take the DSC2
James Field on why it’ll be tough but worth it.

Roebuck stalking during the rut
Selena Barr asks if anything can beat this strain of the sport.

Do you see what I see?
A rundown of the best sporting optics currently available to stalkers.

What does the future hold for buzzard control?
Helena Venables examines a delicate issue following last year’s High Court ruling.

The long road to Northamptonshire
How Longthorne Guns has become one of the leading names in English gunmaking.

Have gun will travel!
Behind the scenes of the shooting empires being built in Devon and North Yorkshire.

Reviews, reviews, reviews
The Silver Pigeon I 28 bore, the Bel & the Dragon at The Swan, Kingsclere, and the Porsche Macan Turbo all go under the microscope.

Why Wilson Young loves field trials
Passionate arguments for trialling from one of the biggest names in gundogs.