The shooting world never sleeps – just ask your local gamekeeper. Even while these countryside custodians are busy taking their end-of-season holidays they are often secretly plotting the way ahead for next season, and many are back onto their duties even before their other halves have popped the passports back in the draw. We’re tipping our cap to gamekeepers in this issue of Shooting Gazette, as you can see here…

Where have all our birds gone?
David Whitby examines why less than half of birds put down reach the game cart.

Anything but a 9 – 5 day…
Chris Warren discovers what it’s like to be a keeper on shoot day

The tools of our trade
Quality vehicles, tools and clothing that keepering teams rely on.

Cockers, cockers everywhere
Jon Kean reports from the Cocker Spaniel Championship at Dunira Estate in Perthshire.

High birds and good times
Shoot reports from North Yorkshire, Devon and Northumberland.

Reviews, reviews, reviews
Casterne Hall in Derbyshire, the Browning Maxus semi-automatic and the Rolls-Royce Wraith all go under the microscope.

Cover your land in glory!
Richard Barnes from Kings explains how new schemes can help you make the most of your land.

Firing questions at will…
We’re spending five minutes with Tim Bonner and have put Col. John Blashford-Snell in the hot seat.