Everyone involved in shooting knows gamekeepers are the backbone of the sport, going above and beyond the call of duty to help show guns the best possible birds day after day, season after season. Without the dedication of these countryside custodians the sport would simply fall apart, so we’re giving our tireless teams up and down the country an extra cheer in this month’s issue, which includes a few other gems…

The gamekeeper’s gamekeeper
New NGO chairman Liam Bell sets out his hopes and ambitions for his tenure.

An ever-evolving profession
Robin Scott examines how the lot of the gamekeeper has changed over the years.

Is it now or never for our natural environment?
David Whitby asks how humans can help nature in times of rampant progress.

One top conservation stop
How the cover crops at the GWCT’s Loddington farm have changed shooting.

Championship spaniels
Reports from the English Springer Spaniel and the Cocker Spaniel Championships.

Taking the scenic route
Ben Samuelson crosses Scotland in a 4×4 without travelling on public roads.

High birds and high notes
Mary Bremner reports from the Glyndebourne Estate shoot in East Sussex.

Reviews, reviews, review
Northfield Lodge in East Yorkshire and the Miroku MK 60 Sporting Grade 5 go under the microscope.