May Shooting Gazette 2014

Scotland and sporting shooting. What images do those words conjure in your mind? Moorland heather warm with the smells of summer as lightning grouse spear over butts on the Glorious Twelfth? Lonely, silent hills where stags stand proud against an unforgiving wind? A dram at the end of a long day to toast the quarry and the company of friends as the dark loch moves in secret outside? We’ve made Scotland our base for this special issue of Shooting Gazette and there is much to celebrate…

Shoot, stalk, shoot
Mixed sport from Bowhill and Bandirran and stalking at Craiganour.

Heard about those two girl ghillies?
How two female students are holding their own in a male dominated profession.

Fix up, shoot sharp
Where to go for the all-important pre-shoot practice north of the border.

Meet Mr Brown
We talk shop and shooting with Scottish gunmaker David McKay Brown.

The world according to Richard Ali
The highs and lows of the BASC chief executive’s first year in the job and his future plans.

Clays like game
Where to find the best simulated game shooting around the UK.

Reviews, reviews, reviews…
The Beretta 486 Parallelo with 30” barrels; the Queen’s Head in Berwick-Upon-Tweed; and the new Hyundai Santa Fe all go under the microscope.

Labrador legends
The story of two retrievers at the centre of IGL folklore.

Protecting your senses
The best ear and eye protect on the current market.